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Panel Welder

ZZ's automated panel welding machine will give high productivity and quality towards the manufacturing of membrane panels.

The standard panel welder is designed to a width of 1600mm operating with 4 welding torches utilising submerged arc welding technology, we may however custom built to the customer's requirement (owing to technical limitations). Our experiences span from panel welders with varying widths, welding heads running purely SAW or MIG/MAG or both.

ZZ continues today to innovate and adopt newer technology in achieving user friendliness with the introduction of touch screen panels. The panel welder will greatly increase output and reduce overhead with just 2 operators.

The panel welder may also be designed to run on a gantry system.

Tube diameter max. 89mm
min. 22mm
Tube Wall Thickness 3-10mm
Width of Fin-bar
Thickness of Fin-bar 3-12mm
Welding Width 1600mm/2000mm/2500mm
Welding speed. 0.5-3m/min
Welding Wire Diameter 1.6-2.0mm
Wire feed speed 1-10m/min
Wire tray 4* units (each with 150Kg capacity)
Compressed air requirement 6 Kg/cm2
Welding Head 4*
Installed power. (with 4 welding heads) approx. 280KW

* Designed to customer requirement

Fin-bar Calibration Machine

Fin-bar preparation is critical in ensuring an accurate panel dimension as well as welding quality, this equipment de-scales, straightens, calibrates the width, bevels and cuts the fin-bar to the correct size.

We manufacture 2 models of fin-bar calibration machine: ZZBJ-80 which works on fin-bar of 10-110mm with thickness ranging between 3-8mm. Also, ZZBJ-120 which works on fin-bar of 12-140mm with thickness ranging between 3-12mm.

Please refer to the below table on the specifications of the ZZBJ-120.

Fin-bar Width 12-140mm
Fin-bar thickness 3-12mm
Calibration amount
≤ 2mm
Calibration accuracy ± 0.1mm
No. of calibration wheels 2 sets
No. of straightening wheels 5
No. of levelling wheels 5
Material (Heat treated) 12Cr1Mo5
Installed Power 15KW


The uncoiler allows the mounting of fin-bar coils and feeds into the fin-bar calibrating machine. In an effort to reduce downtime, our uncoiler allows the mounting of 2 fin-bar coils, and is 180 degrees rotatable.

Interior diameter of fin-bar coil: ≥425mm
Exterior diameter of fin-bar coil: ≤1900mm

Panel Flipping/Transverse Device

The panel welding process is the bottleneck of membrane wall production, therefore we would commonly see 2 panel welders operating in the same production line. At the end of the first welding pass, the flipping/transverse device will transfer the panel to the second panel welder to begin the back side welding.

Panel Bending Machine

According to the tube size, angle and panel width required ZZ’s panel bender can again be custom built to meet your requirement., ZZ also manufacture the panel bender in conventional mechanical system or in hydraulic which is capable of bending tube size of up to 89mm.

In 2011, a patent was registered for its design of the small radius 180 degree panel bender. Such innovation was achieved in catering for the askings of solar water tube boiler manufacturers, it is also seen in certain heat exchanger designs.

Mobile Welding Cart

Complimenting the panel welder is the submerged arc mobile welding cart, which can accommodate 2 welding heads for the joining of membrane panels to greater widths.

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