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Tube Bevelling Machine

Tube Cutting Machine

Tube-end Polishing Machine

Tube Conveyors and Racks

Tube Polishing Machine

The objective is to cause the least wear on the tube surface, it is therefore necessary to process the outer surface swiftly. The process begins the rough polishing of tube, followed by fine polishing.

Tube diameter 32-76mm
Tube length ≤12500mm
RA value 12.5μm
Feed speed 2-8m/min
Rotation speed 2850rpm
Power Rating 19KW

Flush Grinding Machine

The weld joint is ground flat with the tube surface following the joining of tubes using the tube to tube welding machine. The grinder spins and oscillates to achieve the flat surface which is necessary to fabricate membrane panels. According to the welding width, the oscillating motion can be adjusted between 0-70mm. The entire process will take only 8 seconds to complete.

Panel Preheater

Preheating of panel prior to panel welding will increase and maintain weld quality by removing moisture which causes porosity or cracking. Preheating can also reduce distortion and stress due to differential thermal expansion and contraction. The preheater can adopt different gases and be fine tuned through controls giving different intensity and turning certain sections on or off.

Multi-Levelled Tube Storage System

The tube storage system can be built from 4 levels up to 10 levels. A 10 level storage system can store up to 150 tubes of 60mm diameter and 12m length. The operator may select the required tube size and length required through a touch screen control panel from any level of the storage system to be fed to the tube to tube welding machine to be joint.

Roller Table (Static and Driven)

Each roller table measures 2.5m wide x 2.0m length and consists of between 3 to 5 rollers. It is used at each end the panel welding machine. They are motorised to transfer the panels to and away from the panel welder.

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